Zilco ZGB harnesses

Why choose a ZGB harness?
ZGB has stronger straps and parts to fit perfectly on larger horses.
The only difference between the Elite and the ZGB is the type of breastplate.
ZGB has a combination of breastplate and drawstrings that allow a simple change between single and multiple use.
The wide load-bearing surface of the Brustblatt, Bauchgurt and Selet / comb cover and Hintergeschirr are very well suited for heavy carriages and extreme working conditions.
ZGB has the core strength to withstand the strain of the marathon and other tough competitions.
The tension cords are fastened in the traditional style with buckles on the breast plate.
Also excellent for commercial driving and for the entry of young horses.
ZGB tableware can be exchanged and combined across all sizes.

Combined breast blade and tensile cords!
Solid and robust with wide load bearing surfaces!

ZGB harnesses in detail:

Head piece: Blend flap strap with adjustable core, noseband adjustable on both sides, belt width 19mm
Breastplate: Breastplate combined with the pullstrings, width 100mm
Sprung strap: padded, width 25mm with snap hook for attachment to the belt
Neck strap: Leash guide rings adjustable in position
Pullstrings: D-rings, width 50mm
Selet / comb cover: width 125mm
Back pad: Adjustable for individual customization, standard thickness 45mm
Harness: double strap with a width of 19mm (Cob) and 25mm (Full and Extra Full)
Handling: upholstered with 80mm width
Linen: Z-Grip lines are delivered as standard (others possible on request)
Waist belt: shaped waist belt with PVC waffle padding, soft, 32mm buckles
Belt stripping: 32mm wide
Shear carriers: Quick-release fasteners are standard on single-span harnesses, width 32mm

ZGB Gescchirre are heavy harnesses with the combination of breastplate and pullstrings.
The average weight of the standard tableware sets is for Gr. Cob 11,75kg for Gr. Full 12.5kg and for Gr. Extra Full 13.5kg.
Each Elite Harness Set comes in a ventilated carrying and storage bag with extra outside pockets.

Classic Options and Extras - Choose and customize!
- removable color piping for the breastplate
- Headbands in color, with silver studs or crystals
- Shutters in different shapes: Standard, Ground View or Dolly Varden
- Linen made of different materials
- anatomical empathy waist belt
- different tailmakers
- Back padding in 30mm, 45mm or 60mm
- Anti-Empathy Abdominal Belt available
- Scissors with quick-release fasteners or Tilbury eyebolts
- Drawstrings in different lengths
- Pull string combined, with D-rings or open loop
- Two- and multi-span harnesses: Strangträger instead of Hintergeschirr possible

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