Zilco WebZ harnesses

Why choose a WebZ harness?
WebZ is a lightweight harness made of multi-layer, high-quality PP fabric with outstanding strength to be used in both leisure and in the tournament area. It is very easily customizable and resists any weather.
Breastplate and drawstrings are combined so that the harness is easy to use for one and two-in-hand.
All items are also available separately.
WebZ is suitable for all driving activities from leisure to the marathon.

Soft, high-quality material with at the same time absolute strength and agility!

WebZ harnesses in detail:
Material: PP fabric, multi-layered and sewn, extra-reinforced seams in stressed areas, heat-sealed holes
Upholstery: soft, brown PVC waffle padding for comfort and easy cleaning
Headpiece: soft nylon fabric, brown underlayed
Glare flaps: well formed for best eye freedom, adjustable glare flap straps
Leashes: S-grip handpiece
Breastplate: lined with brown waffle padding, combined with drawstrings, usable for one and two-man pairs
Pullstrings: integrated in the breastplate, width 32mm (pony), 38mm (Cob, Full and Extra Full)
Selet: with steel tree
Back padding: adjustable brown padding
Belt strands: 25mm wide, multi-ply and double stitched
Lifting eyelets: adjustable in size
Harness: soft in brown lined with double strap
Care: machine washable, hand wash in a bucket or with the high-pressure cleaner

Average weight of a standard single-span harness: Pony 7.4kg, Cob / Full 9.5kg, Extra Full 10.5kg.
Each WebZ harness comes in a brown, ventilated harness pocket.

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