Zilco Classic Harnesses

Why choose a classic tableware?
Classic is a versatile harness for all popular driving activities.
It has classic proportions for formal and traditional occasions such as show, dressage or bowling.
It also has the core strength to withstand the strain of the marathon and other tough competitions.
This makes it an excellent all-round harness that can be used in many ways.
Classic tableware is interchangeable and combinable across all sizes and thus the perfect choice for current and future demands.

Perfect for current demands and future ambitions!


Classic Harnesses in Detail:

Head piece: Blend flap strap with adjustable core, nose strap adjustable on both sides
                                 Belt width Gr. Pony 13mm, Cob and Full 19mm
Breastleaf: Width 85mm with buckles for the tension cords
Sprung strap: width 19mm with snap hook for attachment to the belt
Pull cords: D-rings and slot, width 32mm
Selet / comb cover: width 100mm
Back pad: Adjustable for individual adaptability, thickness 30mm (pony) and 45mm (Cob and Full)
Harness: double strap with 19mm width, padded with 60mm
Linen: Z-Grip lines are delivered as standard (others possible on request)
Belt stripping: 25mm wide
Scissor Carrier: Quick-release buckles are standard on single-pair harnesses, width 25mm

Classic Gescchirre are medium-heavy dishes in a classic style.
The average weight of the standard tableware sets is for Gr. Pony 8kg, for Gr. Cob 9kg and for Gr. Full 10kg.
Each Classic Harness Set comes in a ventilated carry and storage bag.

Classic Options and Extras - Choose and customize!
- removable color piping for the breastplate
- Headbands in color, with silver studs or crystals
- Shutters in different shapes: Standard, Ground View or Dolly Varden
- Linen made of different materials
- anatomical empathy breastplate
- anatomical empathy waist belt
- different tailmakers
- Back cushion in 30mm or 45mm
- Scissors with quick-release fasteners or Tilbury eyebolts
- Drawstrings in different lengths
- Two- and multi-span harnesses: Strangträger instead of Hintergeschirr possible

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