Custom Made Zilco Carriage Harness

High-quality harnesses from Zico in various designs.
Everything, whether single-horse, two-horse, four-in-hand, tandem or combination harness.
Zilco harnesses are made of very robust and easy-care high-tech material and almost indestructible!

You have a horse that simply does not fit standard crockery?
Your horse is sensitive and needs an extra anatomical breastplate?
You are very active in driving and your harness has to endure a lot?
We have the right harness for you!

For special requests and size mix please contact us directly!

What material are the Zilco harnesses made of?
The material is called "Coated Webbing" and is an innovative high-tech material that is ideal for use in traveling gear. Unlike traditional leather harnesses, Zilco harnesses are easy to maintain and very durable. This makes them ideal for driving, no matter whether demanding marathon clay and mud tour, stylish dressage on the quadrangle or safe driving through woods and meadows.

What is this "Coated Webbing" now?
This material consists of an internal tear-resistant nylon strap similar to a seat belt in the car, which is then coated with polymers. Most coated webbings today have a leather-like embossing and also feel like leather. For the care you only need a little soapy water and a cloth. No greasing and no oiling! Simply damp wipe off and dirt, mud and ugly water stains can be easily removed. Of course, all fittings are made of stainless steel to ensure long life.

Advantages of Zico harnesses for driving:
Easy to clean, just wipe with a damp cloth and you're done!

Pleasant, secure grip thanks to rounded edges and leather-like appearance

UV-resistant and colourfast
Does not change in heat, drought, snow or frost and always stay supple

Mold, sweat and bacteria resistant and virtually wear-free

extremely high tear resistance

Resistant to urine and horse droppings

Approximately 20% lighter than comparable leather harnesses

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